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Should I download the casino or play the Flash version?

Most casinos now have a no-download version. This version is created for the people with slow (dial-up) Internet connection, with which it takes quite a while to download the casino software (30min-1hour). The no-download online casino gives you the option to instantly play the online casino, however, the graphics are not as good, and the no-download casino does not contain all of the casino games which would be normally available to you, if you were to download the software. On the other side, the Flash online casino is the only option for Mac users, mostly players looking for US casino online, since none of the downloadable casino software is available for Apple users. Some casinos are currently hinting that they may be introducing downloadable casinos for Mac users, but this is just the rumor mill spinning at this point.

We highly recommend that you download the casino software, even if you have a slow internet connection - the gambling experience is much greater, and you do not have to compromise for the lack of games. Downloading is fast, most online casinos will download the basic software with a few of the most popular games initially, then while your are playing, the rest of the casino games will download in the background.

And another option is to request a casino software on CD - it takes a few days to deliver, but it's as good as the download.

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